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The Aficionado


He smokes 'em if he gots 'em.  The Aficionado doubles down as a humidor.  This unique Spanish cedar box will help keep his sticks fresh in preparation for that next round or special occasion.


The Aficionado includes:

  • Humidor boxed lined with removeable putting green lining
  • Two sleeves of Titleist ProV1 golf balls
  • Genuine leather cigar travel case that holds 2 cigars
  • Steel cigar cutter
  • Divot Tool / magnetic cigar clip that’s great for both the cart and tee box
  • One pair of novelty golf dress socks
  • Humidifier solution
  • Humidifier
  • Hygrometer

The Aficionado

Color: Matte Cherry
  • What stogie aficionado doesn't enjoy a firing up a fresh stick when reaching the second tee box?  This humidor cigar box is 9in x 8in,  lined with putting green carpet, and would look real nice in the office or sitting on top of your home bar.

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