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Image by Sugar Golf

How it all started

Through our range finder, gift-giving is an art.  Not just for our loved one who would rather be on the course than at a kid's 4th birthday party, but for anyone deserving of something special with a personal touch... and won't left for the sandbox.  


After rounds of golf with strangers, learning what people on the course truly like and use, we set out to create hand-made keepsakes that people will genuinely appreciate. Tee Boxed Golf was created to provide "can't go wrong" gifts that add a personal (and multifunctional) touch. 


There are ALL types of golf enthusiasts. The ones that forget tees but have a stocked cooler.  The lone wolf set out to score a personal best.  The beginner using his grandfather's old set. Tee Boxed Golf is on a mission to create golf gifts for every type of golfer who enjoys this beautiful sport, and provides them the tools to look forward to that next round.    


All personal golf keepsakes are made in-house, and our goal is to create a relationship with each consumer to know they or a loved one will be receiving something made with TLC.  Our goal is to put the "personal" in personality with a Can't-go-wrong gift for that special someone. 

Yes, people are picky.  And so are we. 

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