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The Upstart


He's the king of creating decks and always first on the call.  Although he's diligent in the office, all know when leaving the office early for a “doctor appointment” translates into “tee time”. This wooden box keepsake is  hand-built, personalized, and ready to be his new desk's spacemaker.


The Upstart includes:

  • Hand-made, Custom built  keepsake box with faux grass lining
  • 2 Sleeves of Titleist Velocity golf balls
  • Desktop golf bag pen holder
  • One pair of novelty golf dress socks
  • 3.5” x 5.5” Moleskin Classic Notebook
  • Divot tool bottle opener and ball marker
  • Tees

The Upstart

Stain Color
  • The stained keepsake boxes are 8in x 6in and lined with faux green grass. This is great for golfers wishing they were on the course and not "pls fix" ing powerpoints.  

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