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Inexpensive accessories every beginner golfer should own

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

You know the big Four: Clubs, balls, tees and shoes. Here is what else you should be looking to have in your arsenal when deciding to jump into this great game.

First thing's first: You are not going to pick up a set of clubs and shoot an 80 your first round. No matter how athletic you are, or whether you played sports like hockey or baseball, the golf swing and mental aptitude needed is in a game of its' own.

Here are 5 golf accessories beginner golfers should consider purchasing in preparation for his or her's first round. And yes, there is some light reading but I assure you it's worth it. Scouts honor.

1. The Keys to the Effortless Golf Swing or Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Slow down there turbo, before you imagine rocketing a 500 yd drive on the first tee box, you want to first get a grasp on the fundamentals, etiquette and idea of the perfect 3:1 swing ratio. Lessons are great, but having somewhat of an idea of what your actual swing should look and feel like are most key. I've read both of these and they have been of significant help.

2. Inexpensive but USEFUL Training Aids

You read the book and now it's time to be the great student you are and take what you've learned to the range. There's no need yet to get that golf simulator your neighbor just got installed. Here are a few helpful aids that may help perfect that smooth-as-butter swing you want to have on the reg.

  • SKLZ Swing Trainer - to control tempo, flexibility and balance

  • Putt-About Practice Putting Green - to prevent those god awful, unnecessary three-putts

  • Golf Alignment Sticks - you guessed it, proper alignment

3. Divot Tool and Ball Marker

You'll want to mark your ball and fix your divots. Golf etiquette may seem intimating, but it's not once you have a few of the basics down (including not walking in someone's line when on the green)! Fix your divots and respect the course :)

4. Golf Hat

It's likely the sun will be out, or the wind, or any other element that causes skin damage- so make sure your noggin and those precious locks are protected.

5. Golf Brush and Towel

These are absolute must-haves. Prevent having mud and gunk in the grooves of your sticks so you're ready to pure that next shot. You can find these bundled and often accompanied with a valuables pouch.

There you have it. These tools should get you off on the right (or left?) foot. Although "practice makes perfect" is seemingly a misnomer in golf, these things will certainly help you on the course. I hope this helps and be sure to create a nice divot or two.

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