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Gifting a golf fanatic

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Mindful input on golf related topics that are often gifted with repartee.

Let’s face it, gifting is difficult – and it doesn’t come easier with age. Sometimes I wish I was 14 again. Getting dropped off at the mall and spending a few weeks’ worth of earnings from delivering newspapers all to throw it down on that sterling silver necklace that I’ve been scouting out at one of the mall’s kiosks. At the time, this was bulletproof.

Fast forward to now and wanting to gift a family member or even a spouse? Not as bulletproof.

Golfers especially seem to be a bit particular, in good ways of course 😊 They are often loyal to their ball, certain attire and fabrics, and can have an at least “going-steady” relationship with their irons. Things possibly get a bit heavier with their drivers and woods.

If you’re looking to score some serious points, here are a few things to look out for when considering gifting a golfer:

  • What ball is consistently in his or her bag? Go ahead… snoop around.

  • Personalized items, such as bag tags or scorecard holders are safe bets. If you’re not shopping for Katy Perry, Lorde, or Metta World Peace, these types of items can last a lifetime.

  • Does he or she travel to play courses around the country? If so, where? Attire and travel-related products, like checked travel bags for clubs, are things that can always be used. This could be a good play even though you may see it every day in the garage… and maybe one day even receive a name.

  • Hat or visor? Some play it loud on the course, some more traditional. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with white. #7 on the list for “Tips to find the right golf attire”? Keep hats simple.

  • A round for a foursome at a local club. Preferably where they never played before, but any course will do. Whether a top-notch course or a course with a barking Chihuahua on the 10th tee box, they’ll be grateful.

When they come home and let you know how well they shot, simply reply “Before you head on tour, what would help knock off a few strokes?”

If you get a “one more drink” response, perhaps the John Daly would be a good option.

And if you get a “my putter doesn’t work anymore” response, perhaps an upgrade in equipment would certainly suffice.

I’m not an advocate for gifting gift cards, and I’m not a betting man – but I’ll put the farm on that if you gift a gift card to a local golf shop or course, it will not get forgotten about in the kitchen’s junk drawer. If the person you’re shopping for is anything like me, you can likely go ahead and schedule yourself a spa day or tee time for the day after, because there’s a 100% chance that gift card will be getting use.

I hope this helps and thanks for listening.

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